The Whistler Museum – Small Works Gallery, Worthen St., Lowell, MA from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Wednesday through Saturday.

The Artisan’s Gallery, corner of Main St and Pleasant St, New London, NH. Open 7 days a week year round!


You can also contact me directly for any particular paintings you have in mind. I look forward to providing you with that perfect painting you’re looking for!

Latest Award News!

I just received word that I’ve won another International Award for Excellence in Miniatures by the Cider Painters of America International Show!

The rich subject matter in New England affords me a never-ending resource to paint. I choose to paint peaceful settings and places to ponder in New Hampshire and around New England. Looking to create an emotional response that calms the soul, I enjoy being able to take you back to a place you may have been and to evoke the pleasant memories. It may be the familiarity of a special place, or capturing a specific scene that is reminiscent of a place or subject more universal. I enjoy being able to make that connection for people. As a native New Englander, that connection is not difficult to achieve. Sometimes the history behind the scene lends an influence as to how it is currently interpreted. Architectural details, so much a part of New England, find a way into some of my paintings. The landscape of New England appeals to me for all its diversity… with mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers and ocean. There are also paintings showing a love for the beauty of flowers, especially a personal connection for irises. I create paintings in all sizes but have a particular fondness on creating miniature paintings that can be as small as 1 inch x 2 inches. There’s something wonderful that happens when you create a scene from a location or capture the fleeting beauty of flowers. I love that my artwork makes people happy.

My medium of choice is watercolor with a style that is self taught as a balance between realism and impressionism, where the realism is more painterly instead of being photo realistic. My paintings have continued to receive numerous awards over the years in local, regional, and international exhibits and are part of many corporate and private collections.

Born in Lowell, Massachusetts, I have been dedicated in a career in art since 1991. I formerly resided in Nashua, New Hampshire for 22 years along with my husband, Leo and our three children. We now enjoy living in Laconia, New Hampshire.


To all my supporters..


Many thanks to all of you for your support of my artwork during the past year. It is very gratifying to create something that allows the viewer so much joy. I hope to continue doing so in the coming year and hope that you’re able to see some of the new works I plan on producing and showing at the galleries that represent my artwork and at the seasonal shows I take part in.